New Films

Check out the new films that explain why we get into trouble in different areas of life and what tools we can use to do something about it. Separate films cover the following subjects:

  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Work
  • Goals
  • Emotion
  • How to Study
  • Assists for Illnesses and injuries
  • Answers to Drugs
  • How to Resolve Conflicts
  • Organizing
  • Ups and Downs in Life
  • Solutions for a Dangerous Environment

You are invited to come in and watch one or more of these films free of charge. You can also view the films at the following web site, available in many languages:

A DVD containing all 19 films is also available for purchase at $20.

Scientology is a body of knowledge that you can use to start bringing order into your life. Come in for a free consultation to find out what knowledge will help you in your life.

Executive Director

Stories from Students

After completion of the Formulas for Living Life Improvement Course, I began a project of charting the most vital statistics to help manage my business. We went back three years in time to have a historical basis from which we could understand what caused us success. I am pleased to report the data has been very useful in identifying problem areas and also areas that should be left alone.

But the most important decision came from some data that was crystal clear that one of our employees was in a danger condition and we were able to identify why and take the steps necessary to correct the problem. What was really impressive was the employee's response, which was one of relief in the decision made.



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